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Maddening Ad-Libs

Web Design/Development

You know those things go, there are blanks for a bunch of the words in a story or essay and you randomly fill them based on their part of speech. The result is an entertaining string of silliness that I have always enjoyed. So if this puts you in the mood for some more linguistic fun, peruse your local book store for Mad-Libs™ - The world's greatest word game (or so the claim is).

The site is hand-coded using HTML, CSS and jQuery for some funnish user interactivity.

CLT Photography

Web Design/Development

The main objective for the CLT Photography website was a straightforward gallery experience meant to feature the photographer’s work. My solution was a light and streamlined site on the front side. Then I coded with an emphasis on making it responsive and adaptive for optimal viewing across any device.

The site is hand-coded using HTML, CSS and a bit of jQuery for some fancy responsive adaptiveness.

Celebrate Life

Web Design/Development

Celebrate Life is an energetic photography portfolio website celebrating the joys of family and new life. For those mouse-style input peeps, I funned it up a smidge by throwing some CSS3 transitions into the user interface. Not a whole lot. Trying to keep the tackiness level to a minimum, you know? Anyway, some of the graphics also utilize CSS3 animation. goofyness-level medium on that account though.

The site is hand-coded using HTML, CSS and jQuery.

The Hurbs

Web Design/Development

The site is hand-coded using HTML, CSS and a bit of jQuery for some fancy responsive adaptiveness.

Cape Fear Alliance Church

Corporate ID, Web design, infographics, etc.

As part of the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic, the Cape Fear River and surrounding shoals have been infamously sinking ships over the last 400 years.

Cape Fear Alliance Church’s building architecture is inspired by the old Life Saving Stations that stood watch over the area before the formation of the Coast Guard.

Drawing parallels between the two entities, CFAC’s logo mark is a variation on the Service’s life saver emblem. The theme is continued throughout the church’s graphic style which favors figurative images and a rustic, old fashioned coastline semblance.

Gloria Spillers | Hush

Album Art

Working from an old picture of Gloria at the piano with a few of her childhood vestiges in the background, I created the case and two-color CD art for her ‘Hush’ album.

This EP is a collection of original songs by Gloria Spillers, written in her unique piano style. Writing about life and faith with elements of rock and folk, Gloria’s solo sound can’t be categorized simply as that of the typical female singer-songwriter.

Kid's Kingdom

Children's Club Graphics

Kid’s Kingdom is a medieval themed youth/children’s program. Banners and the symbol of the cruciform sword are important elements of the program so they are both featured prominently in the logo.

The castle city emblem not only alludes to the kingdom of God and the heraldry of His children, but also points to the discipleship allegory aspects of the feudal system.


I'm pretty sure I have some sort of chronic doodling problem. If you give me a pencil and some paper, I will entertain myself for... ever. Probably... I don’t know. There’s never been enough time to draw and find out. Professionally I may start out with paper, but I usually end up drawing directly on my fancy ThinkPad Yoga. The things I like to draw are vector-style cartoon images. Whatever it is, it’s probably going to be fun, energetic and narrative.